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When it comes to family law, the team at Harmans is arguably one of the most experienced and successful. In an area that is often complex and emotionally charged, our family law specialists provide strategic and pragmatic advice for resolving disputes and helping our clients be in the best position to move on with their lives.

By taking the time to develop a genuine understanding of each client’s individual circumstances, we can tailor solutions and plans that meet your specific needs. Our confident, empathetic team can handle all manner of family law related issues, from protection of assets via relationship property agreements and care and custody issues, to family violence protection orders and relationship property division. Our team will provide expert advice to promote our clients’ best interests and those of the people that depend on them.

Our Family Law experts offer a range of services, including:

  • Childcare, contact and guardianship disputes
  • Child support issues
  • Divorce and dissolution of marriage
  • Family Court litigation
  • Family Violence Protection Orders
  • Paternity issues
  • Protection of assets (including prenuptial/relationship property agreements)
  • Resolution of family law matters via collaborative law
  • Separation, division of relationship and trust property
  • Spousal Maintenance

In addition, we can provide invaluable advice on how to:

  • Successfully navigate all Family Court proceedings
  • Draft and comply with relationship property agreements including obtaining independent legal advice
  • Divide property following a separation including property pools that involve farms, trusts, houses, medical practices, companies and other business structures
  • Determine the best avenue through which to reach resolution including collaborative law, negotiation, mediation and/or Family Court proceedings
  • Assess how property should be shared and how the contributions of each partner impacts on the division of property
  • Identify the best methods and timing for the valuation of the property
  • Identify the difference between relationship and separate property
  • Protect belongings from being disposed of or damaged by a partner
  • Settle property for the benefit of children
  • Work out temporary arrangements before property is finally divided, such as partial distribution and/or occupation
  • Identify family violence in all of its forms (including psychological, economical and physical abuse) and quickly obtain legal protection
  • Draft and comply with Parenting Orders and Parenting Agreements
  • Exercise guardianship rights and responsibilities including with respect to schooling, health and naming decisions
  • Obtain sustainable outcomes that include coordination with services such as counselling, psychologists, coaches, accountants, valuers and safety/welfare-based agencies.

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